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    Delivery of goods from China to Ukraine

    Delivery of goods from China to Ukraine with


    Partnership with AF-Group saves time on delivery of goods from China, allowing you to focus on the development of priority areas of activity

    The company provides a range of logistics, storage and transport services, optimizing the timing and cost of delivering goods from China. Having vast experience in organizing cargo transportation, we work on the basis of effective supply chains, contributing to the development of partners’ business. Employees of the company will take care of all the troubles associated with customs clearance and declaration of goods, acting in accordance with the principles of foreign economic activity.

    Get a free consultation from the company's specialists
    AF-GROUP managers will provide all the necessary information within a few minutes after filling out the form
    Company specialization
    To optimize costs, groupage shipments are organized - this is a rational solution for small companies with a limited budget. This format of cargo transportation is suitable for business structures working with several suppliers at once, ordering goods in small batches. Delivery of goods from China is one of the highest priority areas in modern logistics. The volume of imported products is growing rapidly.

    The main trends of the Asian region:

    • High-tech goods

    • Automotive parts

    • Clothes, footwear, decorations

    • Cosmetics

    • Ceramics

    • Industrial equipment

    Delivery from China Having vast experience in organizing cargo transportation, AF-Group operates on the basis of efficient supply chains, contributing to the development of partners' business.
    Thanks to our own ATP and established contacts, cargo transportation is carried out within the established deadlines
    Consolidation of cargo
    The service enables novice entrepreneurs to save on cargo delivery
    Shipping cargo from China by sea is an ideal option for those who have time in stock
    Personal manager
    Employees of AF-Group will provide information on the restrictions on the import / export of goods
    The main goal of AF-Group is the fastest, most reliable and safe delivery of cargo from China
    Get a free consultation from the company's specialists

    Delivery specifics from China

    AF-Group acts on the principle of customer focus

    The company has a comprehensive approach to collecting, organizing and processing information in order to optimize costs in the delivery process. To do this, you need to get as much information as possible about the cargo, its price range and the ultimate goal. Delivery is carried out taking into account possible risks, characteristics of the cargo and commercial benefits. AF-Group will select an option that meets the specified criteria. AF-Group employees contact the supplier, settle all formalities and bureaucratic delays associated with customs clearance. Managers control the loading of the transported goods on board, forward the cargo, at the same time settling other formalities. Based on the results of the work performed. You receive full reporting on the transaction, all expenses are written out by points. If you do not have time to control each stage of cargo transportation, AF-Group managers will take on this responsibility. All issues will be resolved as soon as possible. Each client is assigned a personal manager who develops the route, takes into account all suggestions and comments.

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