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    Forwarding, logistics company
    "AF GROUP"

    We optimize the timing and cost of delivery of your goods thanks to:

    🔷Vast experience of our 109 employees
    🔷Own fleet of 40 container ships
    🔷Exclusive contracts with shipping lines

    We optimize the timing and cost of delivery of your goods thanks to:

    🔷Vast experience of our 109 employees
    🔷Own fleet of 40 container ships
    🔷Exclusive contracts with shipping lines
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    About us

    We were right. In just a couple of years, from a small company, we have grown into a holding with offices in 4 cities of Ukraine, as well as entered new niches in the market for us. During this time, we have also established ourselves as a reliable partner.


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    Cars in ATB

    Freight forwarding company «AF-Group»

    Freight forwarding logistics company "AF-Group" is one of the leaders in the field of international cargo transportation in Ukraine. For six years of work, the company's specialists have proven their effectiveness in practice. Hundreds of regular partners will confirm the high level of service and strict adherence to deadlines and contractual obligations. The professionalism of specialists from various services in organizing logistics in foreign countries and within the country allows us to guarantee customers the safety of goods and delivery of goods exactly at the specified time.

    We understand business needs and build the most efficient delivery routes by sea, land and air with minimal risk of delays. Even if an unforeseen emergency situation occurs on the route of the cargo, our employees in the field and in the central office promptly resolve the difficulties that have arisen. The customer does not need to delve into the nuances at each stage of transportation. Regular photo and video reports, combined with the ability to track geo-position, make it possible to predict the real time of arrival.

    AF-Group - experience and continuous improvement of logistics

    Over the years, AF-Group has signed many contracts for the organization of regular international transportation of goods with leading shipping lines, land transport and airlines. Customers receive special rates and priority in case of a shortage of space in transport. Staff forwarders will defend the interests of clients in foreign ports, in transit warehouses, at customs and along the entire route of the consignment. This attitude towards partners is one of the main advantages of the company, thanks to which the number of customers is regularly increasing.

    At the moment, offices are located in 4 cities of Ukraine, and the number of logistics services and additional services is constantly increasing. At the same time, the already built processes are systematically evaluated, and their quality is steadily improving. Today AF-Group is a freight forwarding company with a full range of necessary services, including a full-fledged LCL operator. We own more than 40 units of vehicles for the internal transportation of containers and delivery of goods to the client's address in Ukraine. One of the main directions with a unique offer is the delivery and customs clearance of cars from the USA.

    Services of the forwarding logistics company "AF-Group"

    At the moment, the company's range of services includes many services that allow partners to conduct profitable business and develop their trade relations with foreign suppliers:
    1. freight forwarding within the country and on the territory of other states
    2. transshipment of goods
    3. organization of sea transport agency
    4. charter of vessels for container transport
    5. consolidation of groupage cargo
    6. delivery of vehicles, water transport and special equipment
    7. customs clearance of cars
    8. customs broker services (declaration)
    9. rail transportation
    10. intra-port forwarding
    11. own ATP services
    12. cargo insurance for the entire period of delivery
    13. loading and unloading of inventory items
    14. storage of goods in our own warehouses
    15. organization of purchases from suppliers.

    Also, work is underway on individual projects with specific tasks of high complexity for the transportation of special cargo. To get detailed information about logistics options with the lowest costs and as soon as possible in your case, contact the representatives of AF-Group.

    Why partners choose AF-Group service?

    At the moment, the holding includes representative offices in 4 cities of Ukraine, more than 100 full-time employees, and its own vehicle fleet. However, the main asset of the company is its customer-oriented employees and true professionals in their field at every section of the supply chain. From loading to declaring goods at customs, at each stage, tasks are performed in strict accordance with internal regulations. Thus, over the years of systematic improvement, it was possible to achieve the construction of a unique system with a qualitatively new level of work performance.

    Also in the arsenal of the company's specialists there are built relationships with important participants in international cargo transportation - port services, customs officials, and government agencies. It is thanks to the experience of the employees and the necessary contacts within the system that it is possible to create a stable mechanism for the delivery of goods from the USA, China, Turkey, India, and other countries. If you need to make changes to the standard procedure, employees will offer flexible adjustment of route parameters to implement the project with maximum efficiency.

    The company's partners receive the following benefits from cooperation with AF-Group:
    1. prompt solution of the assigned tasks without delays and red tape
    2. control over the progress of cargo transportation and a clear understanding of the current location of goods
    3. guarantees of compliance with deadlines and contractual obligations
    4. an individual approach to fulfilling the wishes of the partner.

    Clients receive a unique flexible service with individualization of solutions in accordance with the current market conditions and the specifics of the partner's business. A quick reaction to changing trends allows us to provide more favorable terms. Speed, reliability and responsibility for the result are the main priorities in the international transportation of goods by the AF-Group logistics holding.

    Customs clearance and legal support of international cargo transportation

    In addition to organizing a careful and fast delivery of goods, it is important to ensure that customs are cleared without delays. Due to incorrectly completed documents, customers can suffer serious losses due to increased delivery times. That is why the comprehensive support of international cargo transportation includes services for the declaration and customs clearance of goods. If necessary, employees of the legal department of the company will prepare the necessary documentation for product certification. Clients engaged in foreign economic activity can transfer document flow with external suppliers for full outsourcing. Thanks to extensive experience, it is often possible to achieve favorable conditions and certain tax benefits.

    Logistics projects of any level of complexity can be implemented on a one-time or regular basis. Flexible pricing system and professionalism of AF-Group specialists allow to reduce financial costs and risks of partners. The economic feasibility of complex cooperation in the long term makes the process of work not only convenient for customers, but also materially beneficial. There are practically no unrealizable projects for the company in the field of transportation of goods from abroad to Ukraine. To get detailed information about the options for mutually beneficial partnership - use the feedback form on the site.

    Unique advantages of AF-Group

    Large, medium and small businesses prefer a modern and technological service with a high variability of cooperation formats. All clients of the company increase the efficiency of their foreign trade thanks to a reliable logistics partnership.

    Development of the optimal individual route

    Thanks to the experience of logisticians, it is possible to form suitable routes, taking into account the specifics of the task at hand. It is possible to combine several types of transport and transit cargo transportation. Depending on the goals, the most effective way of their implementation is chosen. You just need to indicate points A and B on the map, and the company's employees will offer the best options possible.

    Save time and money

    In any project, specialists are tasked with developing a personal plan with minimal material costs for the customer. Long-term contracts concluded with leading sea lines, rail carriers and airlines allow us to offer the most favorable conditions and implement delivery at the specified time and within the agreed budget. For small orders, there is the possibility of forming LCL groupage cargo.

    Personal manager is always in touch

    At any time, you can contact your personal manager to clarify the current state of affairs and make changes to the transportation route. For AF-Group, the main priority in organizing international cargo transportation is responsibility and openness to the customer.

    Insurance and guarantee of cargo safety

    Staff forwarders provide loading and unloading of goods at all stages with the provision of a photo report. The carrier is solely responsible for the integrity of the consignment until it is handed over to the client. Various formats of insurance of commodity and material assets against damage due to force majeure circumstances are possible, this enables the client to minimize the risks of losses due to force majeure. At any stage, you can track the current location and order status.

    Get an individual offer for the implementation of your tasks by contacting the operators of the AF-Group company. Projects of any complexity (transportation of small consignments, oversized cargo, consolidated delivery, declaration and certification, etc.) are possible together with a trusted partner in the field of international transportation.

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