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    Prohibited goods for carriage

    Prohibited goods for carriage

    Ukrainian legislation has established an official list of goods prohibited for transportation. Mostly hazardous substances are on this list.

    What goods are prohibited from being transported without the appropriate documents?

    It is prohibited to transport without special documents:

    1. Explosive substances, explosives and objects that are stuffed with them. This category of goods includes live cartridges, gunpowder, detonators, explosives, etc.
    2. Pyrotechnics.
    3. Gases in various forms: liquefied, compressed or under pressure.
    4. Flammable liquids, which include gasoline, methanol, acetone, etc.
    5. Safety equipment.
    6. Flammable or spontaneously combustible solids. These include potassium, sodium, nitrocellulose, etc.
    7. Organic peroxides and oxidizing agents. This category of goods includes ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and others.
    8. Poisons, toxins, infectious and toxic substances. Among them are mercury, nicotine, poisonous plants, brake fluid, drugs and psychotropic, ethylene glycol, etc.
    9. Radioactive substances. These include X-ray equipment, some medicines, uranium, and others.
    10. Corrosive and other corrosive substances. These include aggressive acids.
    11. Any kind of weapon.
    12. Devices that are under pressure or with a vacuum.
    13. Any materials from the group of ferromagnets.
    14. Precious metals, stones and products made from them. These goods include diamonds, sapphires, diamonds, gold, silver, etc.
    15. Banknotes (domestic or foreign), coins, etc.
    16. Animals, furs and skins.
    17. Strategic materials, results of scientific research, rocket and space complexes and more.
    18. Human organs (living and dead), human remains and dust.
    19. Perishable food. These include fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, etc.

    Hidden prohibited and dangerous goods

    The goods that may contain prohibited for long-distance transportation include the following:

    1. Motor transport and spare parts for it. They contain engines, fuel tanks, carburetors and more.
    2. Apparatus required for artificial respiration. It means cylinders containing compressed air or oxygen. Also, such equipment may include generators and so on.
    3. Apparatuses that have electric motors.
    4. Aerosols that are especially dangerous to carry on an airplane. There is a high risk of leakage or explosion.
    5. Hot air balloon.
    6. Household items, personal belongings of passengers, etc. They may contain toxic, flammable substances and so on.
    7. Vaccines transported using dry ice.
    8. Gas lighters.
    9. Test samples, frozen embryos. They can be infected or dry ice is used for transportation.
    10. Paint.
    11. Medicines, pharmaceutical products.
    12. Filming apparatus, media equipment. They may contain generators, pyrotechnics, etc.
    13. Theater equipment.
    14. Equipment for tourist trips and expeditions.
    15. Household supplies.
    16. Refrigerators that can contain ammonia solution or liquefied gases.
    17. Electrical equipment, etc.
    To find out whether the transportation of your cargo to or from Ukraine is permitted, consult with the employees of the AF-Group company.
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