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    How is the delivery of groupage cargo (or LCL cargo)

    How is the delivery of groupage cargo (or LCL cargo)

    AF-Group delivers groupage cargo (LCL) from China to the territory of Ukraine. This type of cargo transportation is carried out by collecting several consignments in a container from different customers. Thus, it is possible to distribute payments to all clients at once. This is an economically viable option for the delivery of goods for both the carrier and the partners of the company. You pay only for the amount of goods you send. There is no need to pay for the rental of the entire container. This is very convenient for customers with the need to transport small orders with a high frequency.

    Savings and benefits of groupage cargo transportation

    The groupage cargo (LCL) service is most beneficial for start-up entrepreneurs who have not yet reached sufficient speed to buy a full-fledged container for transporting goods from China to Ukraine. Groupage cargo transportation is needed when for business purposes it is required to order a batch of goods "for trial" or there is a need to cooperate with several suppliers at once with small orders for each of them. Transport companies benefit from this type of delivery. They pay the shipping cost for a full container anyway.

    When a logistics service orders several containers, and the filling level in each of them after loading makes it possible to add more goods inside, the consolidated cargo can significantly increase the profitability of the entire logistics process. There are certain difficulties with the organization of this kind of transportation. It is required to take into account the specific features of different types of commodity groups and form a loading system for the safe location of all consignments within one container. The safety of the client's material assets in the process of cargo transportation is the main task of the specialists of the AF-Group company.

    How to calculate the cost of transportation from China to Ukraine?

    To get a preliminary estimate of the cost of delivery of your cargo from China to Ukraine, you just need to contact the operators of the AF-Group hotline. You will need to name the nature of the cargo (name, volume and weight), the address of loading and unloading. Experts will promptly calculate the price of logistics services in your case. Despite the complex cycle of groupage cargo formation, full-time logisticians have enough experience and qualifications to efficiently and quickly dispatch containers. Clients do not have to delve into many of the nuances associated with the work being done. All worries are taken over by AF-Group. Turnkey service and strict adherence to deadlines are the priorities in the work of the company. In order to competently consolidate different consignments of goods and ensure their safety at all stages, well-coordinated work of various organizational structures is required. It should be noted that the paperwork is handled by the legal department.

    How does the LCL system work?

    The essence of the work of this system is that, at the stage of collecting applications for cargo transportation, the logistics company analyzes the occupancy of the hired containers and enables entrepreneurs with small orders to use the remaining space for safe, fast and inexpensive transportation of goods from China to Ukraine. All goods are consolidated and distributed based on the characteristics within the container. Often, the formation of groupage cargo is much cheaper for business than conventional transportation. International trade without such a system would simply throw out of the business representatives of small businesses, thanks to which large multinational companies still feel competition and are constantly modernizing their processes to maintain their position as a market leader.

    How is cargo consolidation carried out?

    When forming a wholesale LSL, all parties involved in cargo transportation must be collected in one place. This often happens in special distribution warehouses. The dimensions of the goods are measured, their names are hung and compared with the accompanying documentation. After the inspection, and the removal of indicators, the final cost of transportation is formed. The transport company experts also examine the quality and reliability of the original packaging for all goods. If the need for repackaging arises (due to damage to the integrity of the base or due to its non-compliance with standards), AF-Group specialists offer to use the service of high-quality packaging in accordance with all requirements. It is thanks to the responsible attitude of the company's staff to the inspection of consignments that customers can be sure that their goods from China will arrive in Ukraine safe and sound.

    Distinctive features of a good warehouse for the formation of LSL

    The integrity and safety of goods depends on how well the storage of goods is organized before the formation of the shipment. The ideal option is to have a logistics company own warehouses in China.

    We list the main parameters that make it possible to distinguish a good warehouse (where the batch does not risk being damaged) from a bad one (where the likelihood of mechanical and other influences is high):

    1. high professional skills of warehouse employees
    2. quality control of all unloading and loading works
    3. high-quality loading equipment, which undergoes regular inspection of the technical condition and thanks to which all work is carried out as quickly as possible
    4. competently built security system and warehouse security, which prevents damage and theft of expensive goods
    5. the warehouse complex must be protected from adverse weather conditions (precipitation, wind, cold, heat, etc.)
    6. inside the room, a temperature regime that is comfortable for certain types of products must be maintained and air humidity must be controlled and maintained
    7. for the peace of mind of customers, at their first request, warehouse employees must provide a detailed photo report about the cargo at the place of its temporary stay.

    All these conditions are met in the warehouses of AF-Group. High level service and cargo safety are guaranteed for every client. The company's experts carry out the consolidation of small cargoes in accordance with all standards and regulations of international cargo transportation.

    Features of groupage cargo transportation from China

    A complex logistic system of groupage cargo transportation is not performed by every company that delivers goods. International transport of consolidated consignments must be carried out promptly and with due diligence. In addition to ensuring safety, it is important to fill out the customs declaration correctly and do everything possible so that the container does not get delayed at customs because of one or more incorrectly declared items.

    Over the years, AF-Group has developed an effective chain of logistics processes that allows you to avoid force majeure situations in the vast majority of cases:

    1. the legal department checks the correctness of filling out all the papers (each type of cargo must be indicated without fail, along with information about all senders)
    2. warehouses of the company allow to provide even long-term storage of goods without the risk of damaging or violating the integrity of the packaging of material values ​​of customers
    3. the security system works not only at the stage of warehouse storage, but also at points of additional transshipment and at other stages
    4. modern labeling of goods avoids confusion and erroneous dispatch of the consignment to a different address.

    If you want to receive a high-level service when sending consolidated goods and China to Ukraine on a turnkey basis, then order services from AF-Group.

    Groupage cargo: pros and cons

    LCL benefits

    Cargoes from different senders are combined into one batch and jointly transported to Ukraine from China. This is a convenient way of delivering small quantities, but it also has its advantages and disadvantages.


    1. the client does not need to worry about organizing delivery from China, all processes are transferred to outsourcing to AF-Group employees
    2. material responsibility at the stage of transportation is transferred to the transport company
    3. only optimal and well-functioning chains and routes are used to ensure efficient logistics without delays
    4. the client does not need to deal with the collection and execution of documents for customs services, the legal department of the company prepares the closing of export documents, performs customs clearance and performs other tasks for documenting cargo transportation
    5. the most important plus of groupage cargo is the lower cost for sending small consignments or a large number of applications from different suppliers.

    Cons (they are also available, albeit insignificant):

    1. sometimes it is not possible to transport large shipments and bulky items, as well as heavy goods
    2. there may be delays in departure due to waiting for a full container to form.

    Despite some shortcomings of the system, you can clarify about the possibility of making an exception in your specific case when sending large-sized items from the AF-Group call center operators. It is also worth noting that the formation of a party in the company takes place as soon as possible. This is due to the fact that a large number of orders are being transported and it is possible to quickly consolidate goods.

    Groupage or consolidated cargo: what are they?

    General cargo is a term that means conventional cargo transportation in a classic format. The client orders a large consignment of goods and transports it using certain vehicles. This option for bulk orders has the lowest costs and is convenient for large customers. However, for small entrepreneurs who do not have the opportunity to buy a large number of goods at a time, other methods must be looked for. It is groupage cargo transportation that solves the problem of small consignments. If the economic feasibility of sending in the usual way is lost, then the logistics company will offer an alternative: combine the customer's order with other goods. They are delivered to special warehouse complexes in China, where they are examined, packaged and sorted based on individual characteristics. After that, the shipment takes place by sea transport or by road.

    Particulars of groupage cargo: what you need to know?

    Goods with different incompatible characteristics cannot be transported together. In particular, fragile products are not allowed to be loaded into one container with metal products, and household chemicals and food products are also incompatible. That is why AF-Group employees pay great attention to the sorting and arrangement process. The integrity of the shipment and the preservation of the operational properties of all commodity items depend on this stage.

    The cost of transportation is influenced not only by the distance between points A and B, but also by the difficulties in processing documentation when crossing the border, as well as from the format of the service (to the door or to the warehouse of the logistics company). It is important to choose a responsible and reliable contractor. Only qualified logisticians with work experience and a positive reputation will be able to complete all processes accurately and without delay.

    What goods can be delivered in this way?

    Clothes, footwear, construction goods, electronics, fabrics and other goods that are not limited in circulation in both countries can be transported without problems. Explosive and flammable goods may require licenses and additional permits. Prohibited substances and objects, of course, cannot be transported across the border.

    Delivery of groupage (consolidated) cargo from China: who can you contact?

    You can find a trusted transport company that provides these services. Pay attention to feedback on the firm's performance. It is not recommended to contact organizations that do not have sufficient experience in international groupage cargo transportation. Due to the high complexity of logistics processes, there is a risk of receiving low quality services. AF-Group is a reliable partner, whose services have been used by thousands of clients. You will receive ample opportunities for the implementation of individual complex projects and regular transportations for business.

    Why Choose Us?

    AF-Group has its warehouses for consolidation in China and other countries. The company's specialists have a sufficient level of competence to perform even the most difficult tasks of transporting specific commodity groups. Professional equipment and technical equipment guarantees accurate execution of all processes.

    Benefits of cooperation:

    1. a well-built system of work on assembly and sorting minimizes the risks of damage and loss of cargo during transportation to Ukraine
    2. the size of the minimum batch from 1 cubic meter makes it possible even for novice businessmen to successfully and efficiently replenish stocks from China
    3. regular flights with high frequency allow the customer not to wait for departure for a long time
    4. closing an export declaration in China and providing other legal and accounting services for the smooth operation of the client's business at no extra cost
    5. favorable pricing system will make the logistics of even small shipments economically viable
    6. regular photo reports are provided to the customer at the first request, so customers always know where and in what condition his property is
    7. the delivery time is specified in the contract and is a little more than 40 calendar days, while delivery "to the door" is possible.

    Order a groupage delivery of goods from China in the AF-Group company to get really prompt transportation with a guarantee of the safety of goods. Preliminary consultation and calculation of the delivery cost is absolutely free. To find out more about the conditions, terms and cost of services, contact AF-Group representatives in any convenient way. We will be glad to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation!

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