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    Is there a risk of contracting coronavirus through parcels from China?

    Is there a risk of contracting coronavirus through parcels from China?

    Most of the inhabitants of Ukraine very often order goods from China. The products presented on the Chinese market are practically not inferior in quality to similar products from Europe, but they have a big difference in the price range. But against the backdrop of the epidemic situation in the world, many buyers began to think about whether there is a risk of contracting COVID-19 through parcels from China. At the very beginning of the epidemic, WHO denied the possibility of infection in this way, but as it turned out, not everything is so simple.

    Should you be afraid of contamination due to parcels?

    In fact, the coronavirus does not survive well on both cardboard and plastic surfaces. He retains his activity on them for no more than an hour. Thinking logically, it follows that even if the virus gets on your package, it will in any case die within a few weeks of transportation. In addition, today all parcels from China are disinfected. But it has already been proven that the virus can remain active on metal, glass and plastic products for up to 9 days. This is the maximum duration of coronavirus activity during which it can be dangerous.

    It turns out that if the parcel or goods from it have not been in contact with an infected person within the last 9 days, then the risk of infection is excluded, since there will be no live viruses. Previously, scientists did not have the knowledge that coronavirus can survive for more than a week on surfaces, but today, knowing this fact, you can minimize the risk of infection. All parcels from China are not only disinfected, but also remain in the quarantine zone for 9 days before shipment. Some transport companies take this period of time into account and plan the delivery of the package from China so that it does not greatly affect the entire transportation time.

    From the above facts, it follows that theoretically there is a risk of contracting coronavirus through parcels from China, but for this it is necessary that certain aspects come together: the presence of the virus and a period of up to 9 days. However, in modern conditions of delivery, this is simply impossible. If, nevertheless, you have concerns, then you can receive the parcel in the mail after the expiration of the nine-day period. Although this is pointless, because the transportation of goods from China to Ukraine is much more than 9 days. Even if we assume that there was a virus in the parcel at the beginning of the transport route, then it will die while moving to the destination of departure.

    The AF-Group company, which delivers goods from China to Ukraine, strictly adheres to the rules of the anti-epidemic regime in order to minimize the risk of contracting the corona virus.

    The company cares not only about the quality of its services, but also about the health and safety of customers and employees. All workers strictly adhere to WHO recommendations, which minimizes the risk of infection. In addition, the company's transport also undergoes regular processing.

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