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    What is customs clearance of goods?

    What is customs clearance of goods?

    Goods purchased abroad can be freely sold in Ukraine only when they have passed customs clearance. Today, thanks to the FEA specialist AF-Group, we will learn in detail about the customs clearance process. Customs clearance of goods, customs clearance and customs clearance is the same laborious process in which the state interacts with entities entering its territory from other countries.

    Customs clearance rules in Ukraine regulate:

    1. constitution
    2. tax code
    3. customs code
    4. international acts, orders and conventions.

    You will need a customs broker to navigate this documentation. This is a person whose job is to calculate customs costs, forecast possible risks, conduct transactions that do not contradict current legislation. With the services of brokers, the process of customs clearance of goods will be as fast and correct as possible. When the agreement with the broker is concluded, the transaction is divided into several key stages. First you need to choose a customs regime, there are 14 of them according to the law of Ukraine. Each of them corresponds to a certain direction, purpose of import or export of cargo. All information on this matter is described in Section V of the Customs Code. Next, you need to calculate the economic benefit, that is, to disassemble in detail the nomenclature of the imported cargo. For goods that are liquid for importation, there is a Harmonized Classification System developed by the World Customs Organization. Depending on the properties of goods and goods, they are assigned an individual UKTVED Code (10 characters). It determines the type of regulation, sanctions and other formalities. If, in the process of preparing for customs clearance, the code was selected correctly, you will have information about how much all customs fees will cost, as well as what documents the supplier must provide. Calculations with UKTVED make it clear whether the deal will be profitable for you.

    How to conclude a foreign trade agreement

    The foreign economic agreement stipulates the conditions and obligations for both the seller and the buyer. Such an agreement regulates the amounts, terms of payments and delivery, the necessary documents, risks and details of both parties. For the contract to be drawn up correctly, contact the services of a customs declarant.

    How to choose transport services. About shipping control

    In the foreign economic activity contract, the transportation conditions are drawn up on the basis of Incoterms recommendations developed by the world Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It clearly describes what the seller pays, what the buyer pays, and when exactly all risks and responsibilities pass from one to the second.

    What documents are required for customs clearance?

    Mandatory documents are spelled out in the Customs Code of Ukraine. Sometimes, especially when importing specific goods, additional documents are required in addition to the standard package for the legal passage of customs.

    Required papers for all shipments:

    1. contract with all additions
    2. waybill for accounting for the movement of goods (Air Waybill, CMR, Bill of Lading, Railway - waybill)
    3. invoice with translation
    4. packing list
    5. transport expense accounts
    6. freight forwarding agreement
    7. full characteristics of all products, catalogs
    8. payment for imported cargo
    9. documents on product certification
    10. manufacturer's prices
    11. if the goods are going to be imported, you need to submit an export declaration
    12. confirmation that the company is accredited as a participant in foreign economic activity (the declarant will help to enter the company in the required register).

    How to prepare a customs declaration?

    When the declarant has received all the documents and determined where the customs clearance will take place, he prepares a declaration. It happens that goods are cleared not at the state border, but already on the territory. In this case, a preliminary declaration is required. It is needed to control the delivery of goods to the point of registration.

    Exact calculation of costs

    The exact amount for all payments must be calculated by the customs broker. It takes into account every delivery condition and all costs.

    How are declarations filed and processed?

    At the last stage, the documents for the cargo are drawn up. As soon as the transport arrives at the customs terminal, control is removed from it, and the declarant must upload the declaration to the electronic database of the customs. The checking inspector, after receiving it, is obliged to register the goods within 4 hours.

    The customs clearance time can be extended by the inspector himself. Reasons for renewal:

    1. to inspect the cargo
    2. customs value raises questions
    3. intellectual property requires verification
    4. need to request additional documentation
    5. UKTVED does not correspond to the cargo.

    The conclusion of an agreement with a customs broker gives him the right to represent your interests. Thanks to this, your presence at the time of registration of goods at the border is not required. It is very difficult to register the goods at customs, but at the end of the procedure, the issued goods immediately go to the place of receipt. You will be provided with a copy of the declaration, it is needed to close currency control, for accounting and to confirm that the transportation of goods and the transaction as a whole was made within the framework of the current legislation of Ukraine.

    The process of cargo clearance at the border

    Customs clearance of goods is a procedure carried out by foreign trade specialists in order for the cargo to legally cross the state border. According to the law of Ukraine, the customs service must record the fact of crossing the country's borders by the cargo. The declaration must be completed for each consignment of goods. Drivers and persons accompanying the cargo must have the necessary package of documents for crossing the border. These rules also apply to cargo that is transported from the PRC.

    Successful customs clearance

    To understand the full picture of the customs clearance process, it is better to get advice from professionals in this matter. There are a huge number of firms engaged in customs clearance of goods. Experienced specialists will help you to register quickly, reduce costs and time spent on formal procedures. Broker work is invaluable help at every step of customs clearance. For the successful passage of customs clearance, it is important to know the legal framework related to the process. When registering and escorting cargo by a third party, it is mandatory to issue a power of attorney certified by a notary. AF-Group and a team of professionals in the field of customs clearance guarantee fast and safe transactions for the transportation of goods to the territory of Ukraine. Our clients don't worry about anything! The main thing is to plan all actions in time.

    If you may, one last piece of advice for those who receive goods from the PRC. To get everything on time without any problems and without unnecessary problems, trust the best. With AF-Group you will avoid all troubles and, of course, significantly increase your income! More than forty people from China and Ukraine participate in the service. We help to open new directions in business, conduct procurement audits, reduce the cost of goods by direct purchase without intermediaries.

    AF-Group is a partner in foreign economic activity. We provide international logistics solutions that contribute to the success and development of an enterprise. In order to discuss in detail all your questions, please contact our managers in one of the most convenient ways for you: by phone number, through the feedback form, or come to the office in person!

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